Learn More: How to Link Experiments in Program Management

Linking experiments to your ideas in Program Management allows you to track your ideas all the way from its inception all the way through analysis. To do this, navigate to your team in Program Management. Then, by filtering or with a search, find the idea you’d like to link to. Click the idea name to open the idea, then navigate to Experiments on the left sidebar. Select the button that says “Link Experiment” on that page. You can search for your experiment by name, or by its ID. Then, select that experiment and select “Link.”

An “Inferred Win Rate” is calculated automatically, but you can also contribute to your “Reported Win Rate” with these annotations. Your “Reported Win Rate” is located on your “Program Reporting” page.

Navigate to “Idea Details,” then to “Experiments.” Select “View Results.” Find “Record Results and Add Notes” in the top navigation bar, and select it. You can then add notes and document the results of each variation from the drop-down menu. Your options for variation results are “Not Analyzed,” “Won,” “Lost,” and “Inconclusive.” Add the Implementation Date at the bottom of the page. All of your notes will be saved automatically as you make them.

Once you do this, your experiment will successfully be linked to your idea, and you’ll be able to track your data. Incorporating your experiments into Project Management will ultimately build a powerful archive of information that you can use to track your experimentation over time and make even better-informed decisions about projects and changes.