Quiz: Prove What You Know

Now that you've had the chance to learn about analysis in Program Management, let's see what you've learned. Select the best answer to each question. When you're satisfied with your responses, select "Submit" at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Which win rate can be impacted by your annotations?

  • Inferred Win Rate
  • Actual Win Rate
  • Results
  • Reported Win Rate

What is a primary advantage of linking your experiments in Program Management?

  • You can control every aspect of your experiment directly from Program Management.
  • Program Management allows you to more efficiently communicate results to your team and discuss them.
  • You'll build a powerful archive of information that you'll be able to refer to over time to inform future experiments.
  • You'll have an archive of all your experiment ideas in one place, allowing you to revisit ideas that you previously thought may not be useful but may prove to be later on.

Which report type is new to Optimizely in Program Management?

  • Team-to-team Reporting
  • Team-level Reports
  • Experiment Detail Reports
  • Iterative Experiment Reports

What do you need to do in order to effectively track your experiments in Program Management?

  • Link experiments to ideas
  • Add your team to your experiments in Optimizely X
  • Link your analysis platform to Program Management
  • Integrate your project management software

When is the best time to link experiments in Program Management?

  • When you set up the experiment
  • When your experiment goes live
  • Once your experiment has a distinct winner or loser
  • After analyzing your experiment results

Who should be involved in analysis in Program Management?

  • Anyone in the company who's interested in the experiment
  • Your team, plus whomever originally gave you the idea
  • The original idea team
  • Stakeholders only