Redirect experiments

What if you want to test two COMPLETELY different versions of a page on your site? The best way to do this is to create "split URL" experiments that simply redirect a visitor to a different URL in different variations.

Redirect experiments function a little differently from other Optimizely A/B experiments. When you create a redirect experiment, use this checklist to make sure that you've set it up correctly. For each section, we've given you links to our knowledge base for you to learn more.

Check for: Section:
Basic setup: select Redirect to a new page from the Variation menu Setup
URL Targeting infinite loops: make sure your URL Targeting doesn't capture both the original and redirect URLs Setup: URL Targeting
Goals: Set up Goal Targeting if you're tracking a click goal on the redirect page Tracking Clicks (Goal Targeting)
URL Modifications: Customize the experiment if you want to modify the URL upon redirect