Additional Resources

Are you looking to take your knowledge to the next level? Check out the articles below. They cover the topics in this course more extensively and will help you deepen your understanding.

Article Description
The Visual Editor This article will teach you how to use all of the features available in the Optimizely Visual Editor and give you best practices for you to create variations of your pages for your experiments.
The Code Editor ("Edit Code") With the Code Editor, Optimizely gives you incredible power to manually change your variation's code. Learn how to use it in this article.
Activation Mode Sometimes you may not want to load a variation until a specific action is triggered. This is called Activation Mode, and you can learn all about it here.
Redirect Experiments: Test Separate URLs Do you have two landing pages to compare? Or two separate versions of a page? This article will teach you how to create "Split URL" experiments that simply redirect a visitor to a different URL in different variations.
Experiment Types: A/B, Multivariate, Multi-page (Funnel) Learn the difference between the various types of experiments, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each!