Learn Something New: Invite collaborators

Invite collaborators to your Rollouts account to allow your team to manage feature flags, roll features out, and roll them back. You can invite unlimited teammates to join your account.
rollouts collaborators

  1. Navigate to Settings > Collaborators.
  2. Select Add a Collaborator.
  3. Enter the email addresses of your collaborators, and select their permission levels.
    rollouts invite collaborators


Here's the matrix of permissions for each collaborator type. Each role includes the permissions for the one before it. To summarize:

  • Viewers have read-only access and cannot modify features
  • Editors can set up features in a local or staging environment, but can't rollout in production (you can customize this with restricted environments)
  • Publishers can roll out features in production
  • Administrators have full permissions to manage account settings
    rollouts collaborator roles
    **** In restricted environments, Editors can create features but not roll them out. In non-restricted environments, they have full permissions to roll out features. We recommend using the Editor role to restrict access in a production environment, while allowing rollouts in a local environment or staging environment.