Learn Something New: Link feature flags to Jira issues

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Optimizely Rollouts also has the capability to link your feature flags to Jira issues. This integration enables you to connect your workflows, so you have better visibility and improved management of features under development.

You are able to see the status of your flags and rollouts in Jira, so that you can see whether flags are on or off, or rolled out to a percentage of users. When someone else on your team turns on a feature for a percentage of the audience, that will automatically be available on the Jira issue.


1. Install the Optimizely integration

  1. Log in to your Jira instance as an Administrator.
  2. To install the Optimizely for Jira app, click the Admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.

2. Configure Optimizely

  1. Log in to Optimizely as an Administrator or Project Owner.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations, and toggle the switch On.
  3. Click Connect to Jira to initiate the authentication process.
  4. On the OAuth page in Jira, select the Jira tenant URL (e.g. company.atlassian.net).
  5. In Optimizely, select the same Jira tenant URL you just authenticated and click Save.
    rollouts jira integration

3. Enable the new Jira Issue view

Next, enable the new Jira issue view to make the Releases section visible each of your Jira issues.

  1. In Jira, click your profile avatar in the lower-left corner and select Personal settings.
  2. Toggle the switch for the new Jira issue view.
    Note: If Personal Settings isn't listed as an option under your avatar, find the toggle switch under Profile instead.

Congratulations! You've set up the integration between Optimizely and Jira.

When linking Jira issues to Optimizely feature flags for the first time, each collaborator will be asked authenticate their Jira account.

Link to a Jira issue

Here's how to link a feature flag to an issue in Jira.

  1. Navigate to the Features dashboard and select your feature.
  2. Click the Actions icon ().
  3. From the dropdown, select Connect to Jira.
    rollouts connect jira
  4. Enter the Jira issue key in the search field and select Add Issue.
    rollouts add issue
  5. Once you've selected all the Jira issues you'd like to link, click Save and Link Issues.
    rollouts save and link

Unlink from a Jira issue

Here's how to unlink a feature flag from an issue in Jira:

  1. Navigate to Features and select your feature.
  2. Hover over the Jira ticket link. Select Unlink.
    rollouts unlink
  3. In the dialog, confirm by selecting Unlink Jira Issue.
    rollouts unlink jira

See our Rollouts Troubleshooting section in the developer documents for some common issues and approaches to help you troubleshoot the Jira integration.