Learn Something New: Roll out and roll back

After you've created your feature flag in Optimizely and implemented it in your code, you can control it directly from the Optimizely interface without redeploying code.

For example, switch the feature on in development and off in production. Or, roll it out incrementally in production by moving the slider up by 10% per day. Show the feature only to a certain audience of users. Move it to 100% for a big reveal, or back down to 0% if issues arise.
rollouts feature

To roll out a feature:

  1. Click Features in the left navigation and select a feature.
  2. Under Rollout, select an environment from the dropdown.
  3. Toggle Feature to On, and adjust the traffic allocation.
  4. Click Save.

rollouts deploy

TIP: Float your cursor over the Environments to view percentages of your rollouts in each listed environment