The A/B advantage

Think about your favorite websites: they’re easy to navigate, they help you find what you need without distraction, and they connect with you as a user. Sites like that don’t just blink into existence, fully-formed -- they were tested, piece-by-piece, to offer you the experience that you love.

How is this accomplished? Through testing and optimization. Many companies who are successful on the web know what goals are important to them, and then test different versions of their site to see which ones are more effective at reaching those goals. Because they are testing a version “A” against a version “B,” this tool is known as A/B Testing.

Testing and optimization used to be complicated and resource-intensive, but tools like Optimizely have brought web optimization to the people. Testing and optimization are quickly becoming a competitive advantage for businesses, as crucial as search engine optimization or web analytics.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “correlation does not imply causation"? Many optimization techniques only let you prove that changes in your business correlate to the changes you made to your user experience. A/B testing actually lets you see, scientifically, whether your changes caused certain user behavior and changes to your business metrics.

Watch the video that follows to get a brief overview of how Optimizely works.