Learn Something New: Access the Results Page

Your results are coming in, so, it’s jump-to-conclusions time! Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound right.

You might be excited to see results coming in and want to start drawing conclusions, but resist the urge because testing is based on scientific principle. Optimizely needs statistically significant data to declare a winner. After all, you wouldn’t want to be making changes to your site based on bad data any more than you would make a change based on someone’s opinion.

In our taking action courses, we'll cover some specific tactics for further action to take on winning, losing, and even inconclusive results. First, though, let's focus on the Results page itself. Once you learn how to interpret results, you can make better business decisions on the data you see.

To begin, there are two ways to access the experiment Results page:

  • From the Experiments dashboard, click the Results button.

View via Experiments Dashboard

  • From within the experiment, aka the Experiments Overview dashboard, click the View Results icon.

View via Manage Experiment dashboard