Learn Something New: Reset Results

Optimizely offers the ability to reset your experiment's Results page by using the Reset Results button. This affects both the data displayed on the Results page, as well as what is calculated by Stats Engine for this experiment, so use with caution!

Why would you want to reset your results? Say your experiment has gone through QA and you're now ready to launch. Or, maybe you've identified that something has skewed results. This allows you to start over.

The raw data for your experiment will still be available after the reset. If you need to access it, use the Data Export feature. This will allow you to programmatically access your Optimizely raw data. Data will be available on a 30 day rolling basis.

Once you click on the Reset Results button, a modal will pop up. This modal is an agreement to ensure that you understand that this is a permanent action for the Results page. It acts to protect against accidentally enabling resets.


Once you check all three boxes, the modal's Reset Results button will become clickable. This is indicated by the color of the button turning from gray to red.

Clicking on the modal's Reset Results button will close out the modal. You may need to refresh the page to see the change reflected. The Results page should now appear as though the experiment has just been started and there is no data yet.

How does resetting results affect experiments in flight? All calculations on the Results page will be zeroed out, as though the experiment has just been started and there is no data yet. All visitor counts, experiment duration, and metrics should go back to displaying 0. To help emphasize that a reset has occurred, a notation displays above the Reset Results button, showing the date of the last reset, and the Date Range should only show for the current date.

If someone has been peeking at the results, it could come as a shock that stat sig has gone down/been zeroed, so be sure to discuss with your team before resetting results!