Step 4: Select audiences


Now that we've chosen where the experiment will run, let's decide who can see the experiment by using Audiences. The visitors who come to your site have different characteristics and conditions. Audiences let you decide who will be included or excluded from your experiment by specifying conditions that they do or don’t match.

For example, you can include or exclude visitors who:

  • use certain browsers or devices
  • come from certain sources (like an AdWords campaign, a Google search, or a Facebook ad)
  • have certain cookies
  • visit from certain areas or time of day
  • meet virtually any condition that you set

Need some ideas for how to set Audiences? Audiences are great if you want to run your experiments for visitors who come from a certain campaign, or from a certain location. You can also use Audiences to run experiments for logged-in visitors, or for visitors who use certain devices like phones and tablets.