Case Study: Home 24

Home 24, an online-only furniture website in Europe, was planning a full website redesign. In order to ensure they didn’t waste any resources on a redesign that had a net negative impact on their users, they assembled their data and built hypotheses around each element they wanted to experiment on before running their experiments.

Starting with the homepage, which would be the most-viewed section of the website, they experimented on creating a clearer header, focusing on navigation and the search function, which their research had shown were the two elements visitors used most prior to purchasing. They hypothesized that lighter colors and clearer headings would make the searching and navigation more user-friendly.


They experimented with two variations. The most streamlined version resulted in 5% more searches and a 9% increase in total orders per session. They also saw a significant increase in overall orders, which was the primary goal of the website redesign.

After this success analyzing their data and experimenting to help them drive more interest and purchases, Home 24 continued iterating more experiments, redesigning their website one element at a time. This will allow customers to get used to the transition from the old website to the new and gives Home 24 the opportunity to confidently make each change that wins in experimentation, helping to ensure that their website redesign will be a winner with customers and build their brand.