Practice: Manage Collaborators

Take 5 minutes to do the following:

Create a list of the users in your organization who should have access to Optimizely. Next to their name, write the appropriate role.

For example:

Maren - Project Owner

Yeesheen - Administrator

Mike - Viewer


Collaborators can only be added by administrators.

Administrators have full access to all projects and account billing information. They can also add and remove other administrators. If you make someone an Administrator, they are one on every project. If you make an administrator anything else, they lose all privileges on other projects.

Editors can create and edit non-running campaigns. They can also view results.

Project Owners can create, edit, publish, and pause campaigns. A project can have more than one project owner. Project owners can also create new projects and invite editors and viewers to the project(s) they own.

Viewers can preview campaigns and view results.