Quiz: What Did You Learn?

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Who determines the level of statistical significance for an experiment?

  • It’s determined automatically by Optimizely when you decide what kind of experiment you want to run
  • It’s set automatically based on your settings applied to your desired degree of risk
  • You do, when you build the experiment
  • Your developer set it when Optimizely was originally set up

What’s the difference between statistical data in the Internet era versus pre-Internet days?

  • It’s amassed faster and is more easily understood
  • It’s amassed faster, but is far more complex
  • It’s amassed slower and is far more complex
  • It’s amassed slower, but it’s far easier to understand

What is Statistical Significance?

  • The likelihood that you have the most efficient solution to the problem you are trying to solve with the experiment
  • A number, expressed as a percentage, that reflects the amount of certainty you can have that the experiment results are accurate
  • The number of people necessary to meet the conversion percentage required for the experiment