Challenge: Testing Implementation

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Imagine that you’re working as a developer for Attic and Button. You’re sitting in your weekly planning meeting, and some of your teammates who have less experience with Full Stack have questions for you about the process and how Full Stack works in general. See if you can answer their questions.

Lucy, your project manager, is interested in the way that experiments will work in full stack so she can anticipate timeframes for builds. She wants to know, “Can we loop all three languages of our website and our English-based app into the same project?”

  • Absolutely! We’ll have to ensure we develop all the experiments at the same time from one core project, but that is definitely an option for us.
  • Sure, we can add different apps and builds to any project at any point before launch. You just need to let me know where you want to experiment and I can add them to any project.
  • Unfortunately, we’ll have to develop each project entirely separately in order for the experiment to work in Full Stack. I’ll have to develop each experiment separately and integrate them manually.
  • Each website iteration and app will need to have its own project, but we can run all the projects simultaneously and plan it as a single experiment using Program Management.