Learn More: How to Create Audiences

In Optimizely, an audience is a group of visitors that you define based on a set of shared traits -- which are called audience conditions. For example, you might group all visitors who've seen a certain ad campaign into an audience. Or, you might group visitors in a certain geographical region into an audience.

You'll use audiences to control which visitors are eligible to enter an experiment and which are excluded. When you create an experiment or personalization campaign, you can target it to one or multiple audiences using AND and OR conditions.

Imagine that you're experimenting with a new video banner on the homepage of your site. You decide to exclude visitors on mobile devices from the experiment and include all new visitors and visitors who are in North America. If you have these audiences already, simply add them all to the experiment and specify how they'll be included or excluded -- instead of creating a new audience that specifically targets these conditions.

To create an audience:

  1. Choose the Audiences dashboard. If any audiences have already been created, you will see them listed.
  2. Click Add an Audience. Optimizely will take you to the Create New Audience dashboard. This is where you'll define the conditions you want your visitors to meet in order to become part of the audience for this experiment.
  3. Next, you'll choose the conditions you want to use to define your audience. Under Conditions, select Standard to reveal a list of commonly-used condition categories.