Quiz: What Did You Learn?

What is the hard impact of an experiment?

  • Its quantifiable impact (for example, increased pageviews or checkouts)
  • Its impact on internal resources
  • Its meaningful impact (for example, the ability to get internal buy-in)
  • Its impact on customer impression of your company

What can Minimum Detectable Effect (MDE) help you accomplish?

  • It can help you figure out what the minimum effect will be on your customers when the experiment is launched
  • It can help you decide what degree of effect an experiment will have to decide whether it’s worth the effort to execute
  • It can help you figure out the likely relationship between impact and effort for your experiment
  • It is a number you calculate to determine what percentage of your customers will be impacted by the changes you made

When evaluating effort, what factors should you consider?

  • How much time it will take to set up in Optimizely
  • Technical needs involved (JavaScript or back-end changes)
  • Number of people or teams involved
  • All of the above