Challenge: Administrating Ideas

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Imagine that you’re an Administrator for the Attic and Button optimization team. How would you address the questions below?

Your latest brilliant experiment idea has survived a feasibility discussion, and after a meeting about the best variations to experiment with, you’re ready to start building. To keep the team informed about your progress, you go into the Project Manager and adjust the stage. What stage should the project be at now?

  • Setup & QA
  • Analysis
  • Testing
  • Development

You’re reviewing the ideas submitted by your team and come to this idea. What does the person who submitted this idea need to fix?

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  • They need to add more tags so that other team members can easily search and find the experiment.
  • They need to fix the Primary Metric. It’s not based around an action the visitors will take.
  • They need to link an experiment to the idea so that team members know which experiment correlates to this idea.
  • They need to write up a detailed description so that team members understand the experiment better.

It’s time to view the amount of effort the team feels this particular idea will take. Which area would you go to in order to view that?

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  • Location A
  • Location B
  • Location C
  • Location D

You’re going through and scoring ideas and come across this idea to change the default view of search results to image-based results rather than the list-based format you have right now with small images. You think it’s a great idea that you think will appeal to your visitors, but you know that it’s going to require work from and coordination with a number of areas in your organization. What type of scoring correlates best with your perspective?

  • Potential: High, Impact: Very High, Level of Effort: High, Love: Medium
  • Potential: Medium, Impact: High, Level of Effort: Medium, Love: High
  • Potential: Low, Impact: Medium, Level of Effort: Medium, Love: High
  • Potential: High, Impact: High, Level of Effort: High, Love: High

Last week, you assigned Julio, the most experienced developer on the team, to the Development stage of the idea he proposed earlier in the month. During your project meeting, he asks what his responsibilities are as the owner at this stage. What do you tell him?

  • As the development lead, you’ll primarily be responsible for creating the experiment and testing it. You’ll need to coordinate with the rest of the team on the exact steps and responsibilities based on the experiment’s parameters.
  • Since every experiment has basically the same requirements, each stage has a checklist of responsibilities so you can ensure that you’re accomplishing what you need to at this stage. With only a few possible exceptions, you should be able to expect roughly the same thing from each experiment’s setup needs.

  • During development, you’ll oversee the technical construction of the experiment itself. You’ll use the notes we established in the prior stage to build the experiment and prepare it for QA. We’ll cover QA in the next stage, so you won’t have to worry about it.

  • As the development lead, you’ll primarily be responsible for the QA of the project. As the experiment is set up and posted, you’ll need to check it per our process and ensure that it is ready to go live.