Learn More: How to Set up Sites and Touchpoints

You should add some sites and touchpoints before your team begins submitting ideas. You can always add more as your experimentation progresses.

To begin, navigate to Program Management from Global Navigation page and select your team from the Teams tab.

Access Team - PM

Once you’ve selected your team, the team name and new options will show up in the left column of the page. Select “Ideas” and then select the “Sites & Apps” tab. Then, select “Add Site or App.”

Setting up Sits PM

Give the site a name and add the URL, remembering to add the http:// or https:// to the URL. Once you’ve added that information, select “Submit.” (image)

Now, you have a site established for experimentation. To add a touchpoint to the site, return to the “Sites & Apps” tab under “Ideas” and select “+Add Touchpoint” below the site name.

Selecting this button will take you to a page called “Edit Touchpoint.” Select the site you want to work from in the “Site” dropdown menu.

Then, give the touchpoint a short, descriptive name.

Finally, enter the URL for the touchpoint (remembering to include the http:// or https://) and click “Submit.”

Touchpoint PM

Congratulations! You’ve set up your first site and touchpoint in Program Management!