Quiz: What do You Know?

Before we begin, let's see what you already know about selecting and prioritizing experiments in Program Management. Select the best answer for each question and then select "Submit" when you're confident in your responses to check your answers.

Which of these statements about prioritization is true?

  • Prioritization is primarily based on the priorities and impressions of the decision makers and team members interested in optimization.
  • It’s possible to remove most subjectivity from the prioritization process by establishing a standard scoring process.
  • Prioritization should depend primarily on your needs attached to marketing your website or app since they deal with aspects of business that interact with the public.
  • You should ensure that stakeholders are directly participating in prioritization to ensure that their objectives for experimentation are being addressed and met.

What is a touchpoint?

  • The “thesis” of an experiment idea
  • The action a visitor takes to activate an experiment
  • Elements that make up experiment ideas
  • Pages or elements you commonly test across

How are sites and touchpoints useful?

  • They act as a filing system for your experiments that won’t impact your targeting.
  • They’re used to adjust and impact targeting when you make the experiment live.
  • They help you figure out the categories and tags for your ideas.
  • They’re organization systems you will carry over into your live experiments.