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Are you looking to take your knowledge to the next level? Check out the articles below. They cover the topics in this course more extensively and will help you deepen your understanding.

Article Description
The Home Page This article gives an overview of the Home Page interface, explaining in detail the various tabs, settings, and options. Lots of screenshots!
Manage Collaborators and User Roles This article will walk you through how to add, remove, and change user roles for collaborators on your team. You'll also see the user roles matrix, which outlines the varying levels of permissions and features available to specific user roles.
Manage Projects and Experiments This article provides more detail on how to create and manage projects and experiments, including adding, removing, duplicating, and archiving them. You'll also learn how to create separate projects for development and production environments.
Implement the Optimizely Snippet If you're going to use Optimizely, you'll need to implement the snippet. This comprehensive article tells you everything you need to know to get your experiments up and running.
Introduction to Optimizely Integrations Optimizely integrates with many best-of-breed technology platforms. Through integrations, you can discover interesting ways to target content, measure results, and enhance your visitors' experience.