Learn More: Optimizely Classic integrations

Optimizely integrates with many best-of-breed technology platforms. Through integrations, you can discover interesting ways to target content, measure results, and enhance your visitors' experience.

Classic Integrations

There are several types of integrations supported by Optimizely, including Analytics & Heatmaps, Audience, Call Tracking, Content Management, and Productivity.

Analytics & Heatmap Integrations allow you to see the impact of Optimizely experiments in the analytics platform or heatmap tool of your choice. By enabling any of the integrations, you allow Optimizely to send data to the platform in question, so you can dive more deeply into why your visitors convert and generate ideas for future experiments.

Audience Integrations allow you to create Optimizely audiences directly from a third-party tool, so you can target and personalize experiments based on third-party data.

Call Tracking Integrations allow customers to use phone calls as a goal for their experiments, as opposed to the default goals such as clicks and page views.

Content Management Integrations allow customers to leverage the full power of Optimizely on a platform that manages content. Customers can create, configure, and run experiments directly from their content platform interface without having to login to Optimizely.

Productivity Integrations allow you to create a system of seamless workflow controls, notifications, auto-generated reports.