Learn Something New: Who Runs Experimentation?

Experimentation is run out of many different functions, such as Marketing, Product, Engineering, Analytics, User Experience, and Strategy. The first step is determining which of these functions experimentation will be run from. All these functions could take the lead as there is no “best” function, but one should be selected to be responsible for “owning” the experimentation platform and managing account-based questions and access.

The lead function will also be a unified driver of experimentation rollout, scaling, and measurement. One way to determine which function is the lead is by which Optimizely product will be used for experimentation and optimization.

For example, if you will be leveraging Optimizely’s Full Stack product, the product or engineering functions would be best suited to run the program.

Regardless of who will lead the program, it is important that the organization collectively plans how to roll out the experimentation program, as well as designates leads from each function to contribute.