Learn More: What are the Best Tools to Share Results?

There are many ways to share results. Emails and shareable spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets or Smartsheets, for example) are effective ways to share updates with your team. Your team’s wiki page is another place to store updated results. Email results to your experimentation team as experiments conclude. Other options for sharing include:

  • Creating a newsletter detailing the results of your experiment
  • Updating an internal blog that other team members can read
  • Roadshows for sharing your results with the broader team in person

Share results with the entire organization at the end of each experiment to raise the visibility of your program and champion data-driven decision-making at your company. What you’re doing is important and it’s helpful to showcase your wins and losses with those around you. Try emailing a “which variation won” poll to generate interest and engagement with data-driven experimentation in the rest of your organization.


Similarly, it’s vital to share your results with executive stakeholders. We recommend sharing your progress with them once per month or quarter including a roll-up of your experimentation program, using your company’s internal presentation format. Review the company goals that guide your testing program and past experiment results. Include valuable lessons learned from losing or inconclusive results as well as the lessons from winning results.

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Sharing results with your team, organization, and executive stakeholders is a vital component to making your optimization program a success. Not only does it get them involved in the experimentation culture but other team members may have valuable insights and suggestions for future experiments.