Quiz: How Much do You Know?

Before we start, let’s see what you already know with a short quiz. Select the best response to each question. When you've answered all the questions, select the submit button to check your answers.

Which of the following is not included as an element in your experimentation hypothesis?

  • Imagine a solution
  • Identify a problem
  • Analyze your metrics
  • Predict a result

When drafting a problem statement, what should it include?

  • Who is having the problem?
  • What is the problem?
  • Where is the problem?
  • All of the above

Why is it important to build a solutions map?

  • Because it’s important to let everyone have an opportunity to propose a solution to a problem.
  • Because your first solution is probably not a good one.
  • Because more ideas almost always means you find better ideas.
  • Because experiments with more variations have a higher success rate.