Challenge: Administering a Team

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Imagine that you’ve been assigned to administer one of your ideas in Program Management. At this point, your idea is something of a blank slate; it’s only been scored by one or two people and doesn’t have much chatter on it. What is the most effective way to draw attention to the idea?

  • Add tags to the idea
  • Send an e-mail to the team asking them to score the idea
  • Move it higher in the backlog
  • Give it as high a score as possible

During your team meeting this week, Anya points out that she’s assigned as a Collaborator on the team, but she’s listed as a Publisher in Optimizely X. She wants to know why she has two different roles in the Optimizely system. What do you tell her?

  • First, you need to check to ensure there’s no mistake in her assignment. It’s extremely uncommon for people to have different rankings in Optimizely X and Program Management, so it’s most likely that she wasn’t assigned correctly in one or the other.
  • Anya can have different roles in Optimizely X and Program Management, but she should be able to expect that, aside from being assigned to oversee certain stages, her role will be consistent in Program Management.
  • It’s unlikely her roles will be the same not only between Program Management and the other Optimizely software, but sometimes even from one experiment to another. Her role will depend on the needs of each experiment and her skill set.
  • While most people will have roles in Program Management that align with their roles in the rest of Optimizely X, some people will bring skills and capabilities to Program Management that requires different permissions access.

In the team meeting, Guillermo, your graphic designer, mentions that he’s finished the wireframes for one of your team’s ideas. He comments that he’d usually update the project in Asana so everyone could see the progress, but he’s wondering if there’s a different process now. What do you tell him?

  • Guillermo should update the project in Asana and upload the wireframes in the team’s shared folder. He can place a comment on the idea in Program Management so everyone will know where it’s located.
  • Guillermo can e-mail the wireframes to the team or add them to the team’s channel in your instant messaging software. Then, he’ll be able to update the idea to let the team and followers know that the wireframes are available for review.
  • Updating Asana’s project management information will be sufficient. Since the project is integrated in Program Management, the interested parties will be able to see it there.
  • Tell Guillermo to add the wireframes to the idea itself. That way, everyone involved in developing and following the idea can see and have input on the designs.