Challenge Feedback: How Did You Do?

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So, how did you do with the Challenge? Let’s talk a little about the answers so you can learn from your mistakes (or learn more about why you were right!).

First, Spencer should be assigned to a Team Administrator role. Even though he’ll have work to do in Full Stack that might take a good deal of his time, you’ll want him to have the access he needs when he participates in your idea development to efficiently manage the people and information for each idea’s development all the way through the experimentation process. Since he’s managing some of his own ideas, he’ll need to be able to add team members to ideas, change the idea’s goal or primary metric, and update the idea stage or status, among other things. All of these capabilities are only available to Team Administrators and Owners, and since he doesn’t need to worry about administering a whole team, he’s best suited to be a Team Administrator.

It’s most likely that you didn’t save Mirena’s information when you added her to the team. You can add one or more people to a team and designate their roles, but unlike many parts of Optimizely’s software that automatically save your changes, you need to be sure to select “Save” when you’re done. If you added more people than just Mirena that day, be sure everyone you meant to add have been added to Program Management.

When you write to Caitlin, you’ll want to tell her that she doesn’t have to do anything directly to change your project management software to enable it in Program Management. Asana's ready for immediate integration into Program Management--you just have to integrate it and start planning!