Challenge: Using Program Management with Your Team


Your tools are only as good as your ability to use them. Let’s look at a few scenarios to help you consider how you might use Program Management to solve these problems. Some of this information will be new to you. Choose the answer that’s closest to your best guess and see what you’ve already learned and what you can figure out about Program Management’s integration with your team!

Spencer has recently signed on to work with your optimization team. He brings a number of skills to the table, including web design, coding, and project management. He’s excited about experimentation, and has volunteered to take the lead on a few projects that he proposed a couple months ago. Spencer also has the skill to work in code and actually help you build and manage some of the projects in Full Stack. What role would be best for him, and why?

  • Collaborator. Full Stack is going to take a good chunk of his time, and his skills in Full Stack are more important, so collaborator permissions will allow him to manage his own ideas sufficiently.
  • Team Administrator. As team administrator, you’ll put the best use to all of Spencer’s skills and give him the power to effectively manage and contribute to all the projects he’s able to cover.
  • Viewer. All Spencer really needs to be able to do is follow and comment on the experiments he’s overseeing. The bulk of his management work will actually happen in Optimizely X Web.
  • Owner. With his range of skills, Spencer needs to be your right hand man, with every capacity you have in Program Management. Give him ownership not only of his projects, but the entire experimentation process.

You’re developing an idea with your team when you receive an email from Mirena, a coworker new to the company who says she hasn’t received an invite to Project Management as you’d discussed in your last team meeting. You’re sure you added her. What’s most likely wrong?

  • The email was forwarded to her junk mail or she accidentally deleted it. Have her check both her junk folder and her deleted items to be certain she didn’t miss it.
  • If you created the invite within the last 24 hours, it’s possible that it hasn’t fully processed yet. Tell her to contact you tomorrow if she doesn’t receive it by then.
  • Whenever you add someone to your team, all of the owners need to approve the add. Contact your fellow owners and ensure that she’s been approved by everyone before looking for other issues.
  • You need to first check to be sure she’s on your team. It’s possible that you missed saving her details when you put her information into Program Management.

As you continue your transition to Program Management, Caitlin, your project manager in Asana, sends you an instant message asking whether she needs to help you manage your experiments. How do you respond?

  • We should be able to use our existing project management software and integrate it directly. I’ll confirm, but we shouldn’t need anything further on your end.
  • Yes, we’ll need you to set up a separate account for our experimentation to segment it from our other projects. I’ll get you the list of teams by the end of the week.
  • Program Management already has integrated project management software, so we won’t need to worry about other project management integrations.
  • We can integrate our existing project management software, but we’ll need to segment those projects from our existing projects so they’ll work properly in Program Management, so I’ll likely need your input about how to do that.