Quiz: What do You Know?

Before we begin, take a few minutes to discover what you already know about team functionality in Program Management. Select the best answer for each question and then select "Submit" when you're happy with your responses to check your answers.

Which of these functions is NOT a function for a team administrator?

  • Add user to a team
  • Create, update, or delete ideas
  • Link experiment to an idea
  • Rename a team

What is a team?

  • Everyone in your organization with access to experiments.
  • Collaborators with access to a specific collection of Optimizely projects.
  • A group of collaborators assigned to a specific Optimizely project.
  • The group of collaborators added to Program Management.

What can your team NOT do inside of Program Management?

  • Collaborate with another team
  • Share reporting and analysis throughout the organization
  • Collaborate with team members on experiments
  • Objectively score experiment ideas