Team Functionality: Case Study


Nityananda runs marketing for Attic and Button’s European market. His company has divisions throughout the continent. Once word got out that they were beginning to experiment, many people began to forward ideas about how to leverage Optimizely’s experimentation. With employees spread across a variety of time zones and cultures, coupled with the fact that they have to manage not only a European website, but an app as well, Nityananda is faced with a challenge: How does he manage all of these people across Europe and effectively involve everyone in experimentation?

By leveraging the team functions in Optimizely’s Program Management, Nityananda is about to have fewer sleepless nights. He can use Program Management to help him effectively manage the variety of different projects across the organization by creating teams for the app and each segment of the business.

Within each team, he can also assign various functions and roles, allowing him to segment each person’s impact and input to help them effectively perform the tasks they need to accomplish. Each employee has the capacity to make an impact in the way that’s best suited to the expertise they bring to the table.