Team Functionality: Prove What You Know

Let's check your understanding of what you've learned with a few questions and scenarios. Select the best answer for each question, and check your answers by selecting "Submit."

You and Mariko are a two-person team, working to build and implement the ideas proposed by the rest of your organization. At this point, your organization is all a single team, and you’ve invited to those qualified to add their expertise to the various projects on your backlog on an as-needed basis. How do you include them in your process?

  • Offer a company-wide invitation to join your weekly project meetings so your group can benefit from in-person brainstorming. Then you can add the group’s input to your idea development.
  • Add those participating in the ideas to Project Management as Collaborators so they can directly interact with the ideas.
  • Create a channel on your chat software for ideas and input the best results in Program Management to develop your ideas into experiments.
  • Add those involved to Project Management as Viewers to the projects they’re interested in so they can follow your work on their ideas.

Salman has been one of your most vocal champions for experimentation. He’s not directly involved in your experimentation, but as Attic and Button’s European CFO, he’s always been very interested in how experimentation can make a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. He’s provided some good input on others’ experiment ideas before, too. What role should Salman have?

  • Owner
  • Collaborator
  • Viewer
  • Follower

Eliza’s provided some excellent ideas and feedback on proposed experiments. She doesn’t need to administer experiments, but you’d like to continue to encourage her feedback not only on her own ideas, but also on other proposed projects and experiments in the backlog. What role should you give to Eliza?

  • Collaborator
  • Owner
  • Team Administrator
  • Viewer

Program Management allows team members with permission to:

  • Add comments to ideas submissions
  • Score idea submissions
  • Add tags to idea submissions
  • B and C only
  • A, B, and C