Learn More: Basic Concepts to Understand

Optimizely's SDKs provide a general interface for running experiments throughout your applications and services. Because you'll likely have many teams running experiments in different parts of your stack with varying requirements, we've designed Full Stack for maximum customization. You'll use projects, environments, datafiles, and clients to adapt a Full Stack SDK to your developmental workflow.

The two main concepts your developers should understand prior to getting started with building experiments are as follows:

Environments- Optimizely Full Stack fits into the developer workflow by configuring the location that experiments and features are deployed in. This could include a test/QA environment, to staging environments, and flip back and forth seamlessly between them. We also allow developers to lock down production environments with robust collaborator roles.

Data File Management- Because the datafile is cached locally, you'll need to make sure it is being updated whenever features have been changed in Optimizely- whether it's the SDK calling a new datafile or webhooks pushing a new datafile.

Please visit this page in our Developer Docs to review these two concepts in more detail.