Quiz: What Did You Learn?

The function used to bucket a user into a variation is called:

  • Track

  • Activate

  • Feature Enabled

  • Feature Variable String

TRUE or FALSE: The datafile is cached locally.

  • True

  • False

TRUE or FALSE: SDKs can simultaneously track events on the client while making changes on the server.

  • True

  • False

What is the BEST example of a User ID?

  • Social security number

  • Email address

  • Website domain

  • Username

When rolling out a feature, what would you do to hide your feature from a certain percentage of visitors?

  • On Controls, use the toggle to turn the feature on or off

  • On Controls, use the slider to show your feature to a percentage of users

  • In Audiences, choose the specific audience you want to show the feature to

  • It is impossible to rollout a feature to a percentage of users