Challenge: QA Your Experiment

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Now that you've learned a bit about how to QA your experiment in Full Stack, it's time to put you in the driver's seat. See if you can address some questions in the scenario below. When you think you have the best answer for each question, select "Submit" to check your answers against ours.

Now that you’ve built your experiment, you need to run it through QA before it goes live. What is the best way to do that?

  • Send enough testers through the experiment that some will see the experiment variations
  • Integrate with a third party app to QA the test from your tool
  • Create a whitelist forcing users into different variations of the experiment so you can adequately test all the variations
  • Use forced bucketing to ensure those testing get directed to the experiment variations to help ensure they are all tested

How do you keep people other than the users testing the experiments from seeing the build before it’s ready?

  • You can use the “preview” tool from the visual editor within Full Stack
  • You can either create an audience targeted to an attribute no user will have, or set the experiment's traffic allocation to 0%
  • There is no way to keep people from accessing the experiment once you have created it in Optimizely X