Quiz: What Do You Know?

What does Full Stack allow you to do that you can’t do with Optimizely X?

  • Lets you customize experimentation to a particular audience so you can see how a specific group would respond to changes
  • Offers feature flagging with experimentation to help you experiment more with less risk
  • Leverages the stats engine to help you more accurately calculate and analyze your experiment results
  • Lets you select audiences that you want to target in each experiment

What is an experiment key?

  • The action you want visitors to take in your experiment
  • The line of code that allows you to activate your experiment once it goes live
  • A JSON representation of your Optimizely SDK project
  • A unique identifier for your experiment that you can use as a reference in your code

When do you set a feature flag?

  • You want to signal the different variables you’re going to be experimenting with
  • You want to highlight a particular feature in your website or app that you’d like to experiment on
  • You need to make changes to a particular feature in order for your experiment to run correctly
  • You need to exclude a certain audience from your experiment