Quiz: What Did You Learn?

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn more about this topic, let’s review what you should have learned with a short quiz. Select the best response to each question. When you've answered all the questions, select the submit button to check your answers.

Which of the pages listed below is the least likely place you'd want to experiment?

  • Checkout Confirmation Page
  • Lead Submission Form
  • Product Page
  • Search Results Page

Which items are good candidates for experimentation?

  • Carousel
  • Breadcrumb
  • CTA
  • All of the above

Claire wants to streamline the lead form on her company’s website. As she looks at each element of the form, what should she ask herself?

  • She needs to ask why each element is on the form.
  • She needs to ask what the company hopes to get from each part of the form.
  • She needs to ask how each element impacts their current data needs.
  • She needs to ask when each piece of information is necessary.