Case Study: Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain, a large B2B company, wanted to increase sales in part by improving lead conversion on their website. They found that people seemed confused by the purpose of their lead forms, as they were receiving lead forms with incomplete information or questions about career opportunities or customer support. They believed that improving their lead form would reduce their issues and drive more revenue. Partnering with iProspect, a digital marketing agency, they built a specific hypothesis based on improving critical aspects of the lead form, such as making their headline clearer and offering visual feedback that users had correctly filled out each field, and ran their experiments.

The variation resulted in a 140% increase in lead quality, the highest lead quality Iron Mountain had ever seen. This allowed the sales team to focus on high-quality lead prospects based on the information from the more complete and accurate lead forms and launched Iron Mountain’s optimization team into iterating new experiments on other areas of the site to increase lead quality and generation based on this extremely successful result.