Quiz: How Much do You Know?

Before we start, let’s see what you already know with a short quiz. Select the best response to each question. When you've answered all the questions, select the submit button to check your answers.

What is missing from this hypothesis?

“If we simplify our sign-up form, the number of user registrations will increase by 20%.”

  1. It’s not identifying the problem
  2. It’s not addressing a specific solution
  3. It’s not addressing the projected outcome
  • 1, 2, 3
  • 1, 2
  • 2, 3

A hypothesis needs to include everything except:

  • A problem statement
  • A solution
  • A question
  • An expected result

Without a hypothesis, you risk: .

  • The wrath of your Optimizely CSM
  • Results that don’t make any sense based on what you thought you were testing initially
  • Losing documentation of the content and expectations of prior experiments
  • Unfocused experimentation that doesn’t connect to business goals