Quiz: What Did You Learn?

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The five major stages of optimization methodology are Implementation, Ideation, Planning, _, and Analysis.

  • QA
  • Building
  • Experimentation
  • Development

Which stage do you only have to perform when you set up your optimization program?

  • Implementation
  • Ideation
  • Planning
  • Development

Why is the Optimization Methodology a cycle?

  • Because you want to be able to launch into another experiment process immediately after finishing the prior experiment so it doesn’t become stale.
  • To build on the success or immediately learn from the failure of the prior experiment.
  • Because your experiment results should drive ideation for the next experiment.
  • Because optimization doesn’t work if you don’t immediately launch into another experiment to help explain and clarify the results of the prior experiment.

Junan works for LiveFeed, a news company looking to optimize its mobile app and desktop websites. His team has developed a few versions of a radically redesigned article page that he hopes will encourage visitors to read more than one article when they visit. He’s mostly concerned with which variation works best and doesn’t care too much about why or what caused that variation to work. Which experiment type should he run?

  • Multivariate Experiment
  • A/B/n Experiment
  • A/B Experiment
  • Multi-Page Experiment

What are some advantages of documenting information in an Experiment Design Template and an Experiment Idea Worksheet?

  • The information can easily be transferred to other team members so they can help manage experiments
  • They will prompt you to document important information about your experiments
  • They will help you standardize your experimentation process
  • All of the above