Developer: Optimizely Web Level 1

UX designers and front end developers, who we call Experience Perfectionists, can use these courses to build your skills in setting up Optimizely Web to develop, run and QA experiments.

Concepts addressed in this certification:

  • Foundations of experimentation cycle and program structure
  • Defining experiment components: Pages, Events, Audiences
  • Building experiments with those components
  • Creating variations using Visual and Code Editors
  • Running code in Optimizely
  • SPA (Single Page Application) concepts
  • Defining campaign components: Pages, Events
  • Building campaigns with those components
  • Leveraging 3rd party analytics integrations
  • Basic campaign QA using the Previewer

For those who prefer to follow a study-guide instead of reviewing eLearning, we also offer this study guide which provides you articles and other content designed to prepare you for the certification exam.

The certification exam can be accessed at Developer: Optimizely Web Level 1 certification.

30 mins

Setting Up Your Experimentation Program Structure

This course will teach you the various ways an experimentation program structure can be set up, as well as which individuals should be involved and what various teams might look like.

30 mins

The Experimentation Cycle

Experimentation is an iterative cycle. Learn how to develop processes for your experimentation program and improve your optimization methodology.

30 mins

Manage Projects & Collaborators

This course will teach you how to manage projects in Optimizely, and add collaborators with the appropriate permissions.

45 mins

Prepare Your Site for Optimizely

This course will teach you how to prepare your website for Optimizely Web by creating Pages, Events, and Audiences.

30 mins

Implement the Snippet for Optimizely

This course will teach you how to implement your snippet for Optimizely Web so that you can start experimenting.

30 mins

Build an Experiment in Optimizely

This course will take you step-by-step through building an experiment in Optimizely.

30 mins

Create a Variation in Optimizely

This course will teach you how to use the Optimizely Editor to create variations for your experiments.

45 mins

NEW! Create Feature Flags with Optimizely Rollouts

Optimizely Rollouts uses feature flags to separate code deployment from feature launches in your environments. This course focuses on the basic technical aspects of building and using Optimizely's free feature flags to roll out features confidently, target key audiences and easily roll back poor performing features.

roll out, rollout, feature, flag, free
30 mins

QA Your Optimizely Experiment

This course will teach you the various ways in which you can QA your Optimizely experiment before launching it.

Certification Exam

Once you've completed the above courses, you are ready to test for the certification. Please visit the Developer: Optimizely Web Level 1 exam.

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