Learn More: Assign Tasks

Program Management enables Admins and Owners to assign specific tasks to teammates and even set deadlines. Once a task is assigned, the teammate will receive an email notification that includes the request and due date. Teammates can collaborate directly within the task, or using an integration to work in Asana and have the information flow to Program Management.

Assign Tasks

  1. From the Teams dashboard, select your team name.
  2. Click Ideas in the left nav.
  3. Click the idea you want to update.
  4. Under Tasks & Timeline, click the Assignee field to assign a stage to a particular teammate.


Assignees can use Markdown formatting to add emphasis, lists, links, images, and more in the notes for each stage.

When a stage is complete, teammates can check the box for the stage. This prompts you to confirm progressing the idea to the next stage.