Learn More: Complete Idea Details

Once an idea is added, we encourage you to add more information on the Idea Details page. This module allows you to flesh out the experiment idea with:

  • Goal - the desired result should an experiment be built
  • Primary Metric - the expected primary metric in experimentation
  • Hypothesis - the problem is being solved, proposed solution and expected result
  • Description - these details help the team when scoring the idea
  • Restrictions - these details also help the team when scoring the idea
  • Devices - the device(s) this experiment will be conducted on
  • Tags - useful for search and for later analysis on a program level; such as the goal date to launch experiment, target audience
  • Attachments - add wireframes, mockups, spreadsheets, prior experimentation data leading to this idea, etc.
  • Custom Fields - add your organization’s scoring rubric for ideas and hypotheses; such as Background, Audiences. These are available for configuration in Team Settings.


Teammates can use Markdown formatting to add emphasis, lists, links, images, and more in Idea Details fields.