Learn Something New: Link Experiments in Program Management

When the team is ready to build the idea into an experiment in Optimizely, that experiment can be linked back to the original idea in Program Management. By linking experiments, you create a searchable archive in Program Management that’s visible to the entire team. Linked experiments also feed into program-level reporting, so you can monitor program velocity, win rates, and more.

Link an experiment

To link an experiment to an idea in Optimizely, first the experiment needs to be created in a project that the team has access to in Program Management. Projects are linked in the Team Settings as described in this article.

Once the experiment is created, work in Program Management to link the experiment to an idea:


  1. Select Team in the left nav.
  2. Select your team name to navigate to your team's Ideas dashboard.
  3. Locate and click the idea you’d like to link to, opening the idea.
  4. In the left sidebar, click Experiments.
  5. Click the Link Experiment button.
  6. Search for the related experiment in your team’s Optimizely Projects. Enter part of the experiment name or description, or the Optimizely Experiment ID.
  7. Click the desired experiment.
  8. Click the Link button.

Great! You've linked an Optimizely experiment to your idea in Program Management. Now you'll be able to view the experiment details and include results in the Program Management reporting.

Note: Program Management syncs with your Optimizely projects once per hour. You may experience a delay of up to one hour before new experiments are available to link and experiment updates appear in Program Management.

View linked experiments

The Experiments tab in Program Management allows you to view, sort and filter a team's linked experiments, much like on the Ideas tab. Available filters include status, result, sites & apps, touchpoints, and running time.

To view linked experiments:

  1. From the Team dashboard, select your team name.
  2. Click Experiments in the global navigation pane.
  3. Use the search bar and filters along the top to locate linked experiments.