Learn Something New: Moving from Idea to Experiment with Your Team

Program Management can help you take your experimentation from a process with a few champions, a pile of spreadsheets, and a seemingly insurmountable mountain of electronic communication and meeting notes to a collaborative and visible process where ideas are living things that evolve before your eyes into experiments. But in order for that process to be successful, you need to have the right team. And that team needs to be equipped to help your ideas and your optimization program grow.

Ideas are immediately visible to your teammates once you add them to the Ideas dashboard. They will be listed with the status of Backlog and set at the Requirements stage. This is designed to give your team the opportunity to offer input into the idea’s feasibility and how the hypothesis fits into your company goals.


Collaborate on ideas

As you build ideas, teams can have input at every point in the process, communicating directly in the idea and adding information and relevant details. For example, your team members can comment on the idea throughout the experimentation progress to help you track discussion about its development into an experiment. They can also add tags to facilitate filtering.

Add comments

Commenting is built in throughout program management so you can provide updates, ask for approvals, and collaborate with your team.

To view and add comments:

  1. Open an idea from your team's Ideas dashboard.
  2. Click on the comment bubble in the upper-right corner of the idea to add and read comments.

Add tags

As much as sites and touch points in Program Management act as a filing system for your experimentation program, adding the use of tags enhances the organization and findability of your team’s ideas. Tags allow you to further filter views within your larger management team. For example, if you have multiple domains in a single team being able to create a single domain view or a single view from an ideation session is helpful.

Be strategic in your use of tags to maintain consistency. Will you use singular or plural terms, capitalize or not, etc. The more standardized your system is, the easier it’ll be to find ideas using a combination of the above idea details fields plus tags.


To add tags:

  1. Select Team in the left nav.
  2. Select your team name to navigate to your team's Ideas dashboard.
  3. Locate and click the idea you’d like to tag, opening the idea.
  4. Scroll down to the__ Tags__ field and type the tag. Previously used tags will display for selection, helping keep tags consistent.

Program Management automatically saves tags as you go.

Add Attachments

Attachments are another important part of building an idea. Teammates contributing to the idea’s development can attach wireframes, timelines, analysis results, polls, and other important resources to the idea. Others involved in the experiment can then provide input with comments or refined attachments, allowing everyone to follow the idea’s progress throughout its lifecycle all in one central location.

Follow ideas

Teammates can choose to follow an idea which triggers email updates when comments are added to the idea. A teammate who is assigned an idea task, who comments on an idea themselves, or who edits an idea is automatically added as a follower.


With these collaboration tools, your team can work together to develop an idea directly in the same place where it’s scored, and later, analyzed. With all this information in one place. Development and iteration will be easier for everyone involved, giving many more people a voice in the process.