Learn Something New: Score ideas

Once ideas are added to Program Management, the team's next task is to decide which ideas to execute first. To help you structure a prioritized backlog, team members can score ideas. Scoring can help the team collectively determine the priority and level of effort of an idea, plus where it should be in your overall roadmap.

Each idea is scored based on four parameters:

  • Potential for the experiment to improve your metric
  • Impact on the business if the experiment wins
  • Level of Effort to implement the experiment in Optimizely, from very hard to very easy
  • Love, which can mean its strategic importance, where this fits in current experimentation priorities, executive support, or your biased opinion on how much you love the idea

Be certain to have your developers review and add their thoughts, especially on Level of Effort!

If your organization already has its own scoring rubric for ideas and hypotheses in place, you can use custom scoring to configure Program Management to match it.

Score Ideas

Scores are averaged evenly to create an overall score, which is visible on your team’s dashboard. Teammates can score ideas from the dashboard by clicking the circle next to the idea name or from the Scores tab on the Idea Details page.


  1. Select Team in the left nav, then select your team name to navigate to your team's Ideas dashboard.
  2. Click the circle to the left of the idea you want to score.
  3. Select an option from each dropdown menu to score the idea in each of the four criteria: Potential, Impact, Level of Effort, Love.
  4. Click the Done button.

Once teammates start adding scores, the circle on the Ideas dashboard will show the overall score for each idea giving you a simple way to prioritize ideas in your backlog.

Alternatively, navigate to the sidebar for the specific idea and select Score to add or adjust your scoring.