Quiz: What did You Learn?

Now that you've learned about adding new ideas and using Program Management to organize and move those ideas to experiments, let's see what you know. Select the best answer for each question and then select Submit to check your answers.

What’s the best way to include your team in the experimentation process?

  • Offer a company-wide invitation to join your weekly project meetings so your group can benefit from in-person brainstorming. Then you can add the group’s input to your idea development.

  • Add those participating in the ideas to Program Management as Collaborators so they can directly interact with the ideas.

  • Add those involved to Project Management as Viewers to the projects they’re interested in so they can follow your work on their ideas.

  • Create a channel on your chat software for ideas and input the best results in Program Management to develop your ideas into experiments.

What can your team do inside of Program Management?

  • Share reporting and analysis throughout the organization
  • Collaborate with on ideas with your team
  • Objectively score experiment ideas
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

What’s the difference between a stage and a status?

  • The stage is indicated by a colored icon and tells team members whether or not the idea has been promoted to an actual project in experimentation. Status tells team members where the active project is in the experiment process.
  • A stage indicates whether a project is active or archived, while a status tells team members the progress of an idea throughout the course of experimentation.
  • The two terms are essentially synonyms; both the stage and status indicate whether an idea is active in the experimentation process with a color-coded node.
  • The stage indicates where in the experimentation process an idea is while a status lets team members know whether an idea is backlogged, active, or archived.

In Program Management, what do ideas represent?

  • Hypotheses for experiments
  • Status of experiments
  • Touchpoints for all experiments
  • Where your teams will create experiments

After an idea is created, we encourage you to add details to flesh out the experimentation idea. Which of the below are fields available on the Idea Details page? Select all that apply.

  • Primary Metric
  • Devices
  • Attachments
  • Tags
  • All of the above