Challenge: Implementing the Snippet

Congratulations! You’ve purchased Optimizely and are getting ready to build your first experiment! Your development team has been chosen and they’re ready to roll.

You have a number of projects planned, some of which you’ve already started running simultaneously. You receive an e-mail from one of the project stakeholders, Athena, asking if she can see a report that measures and compares results across all of the projects currently running.

How do you respond?

  • I’m sorry to say that it’s not possible to measure results across projects in Optimizely. We’ll have to assemble these reports manually.
  • We can track events across different parts of our site by making sure those pages are included in the same project and using the same snippet.
  • That’s no problem at all. We just have to put the same snippet across all the projects. We’ll have to pause the experiments and reassign the snippets.
  • We have to know when we start the project that we’ll want to track it across the site. Those changes can’t be made while the experiment is running.

Where can they expect to find the snippet they need to implement on the website?

  • In the e-mail you received from customer support with your startup information about Optimizely
  • In the Settings tab, under Integrations
  • In Optimizely’s developer community
  • In the Settings tab, under Implementation

You’ve been building an experiment with your team. As you run the QA before the experiment goes live, you notice the above happening on your homepage. What is likely happening?

  • The visual editor loaded your page elements improperly
  • Your developer didn’t put the snippet high enough in the header
  • The page is redirecting to the wrong location and the URL needs to be adjusted
  • You need to change the arrangement of the page content

As you continue to QA your project, you notice that the events aren’t tracking across all areas of your site that you’d wanted to track. What is most likely causing this problem?

  • There are multiple snippets on some of the pages
  • The wrong snippet was implemented for the experiment
  • There’s an error in the snippet itself - contact Optimizely to get assistance
  • You haven’t added the snippet to all of the pages you want to track