Quiz: What Did You Learn?

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn more about this topic, let’s review what you should have learned with a short quiz. Select the best response to each question. When you've answered all the questions, select the submit button to check your answers.

Jose is a developer tasked with implementing Optimizely for your website. He comes to tell you that the web page is flashing when visitors access it. What is the most likely explanation?

  • The snippet is placed in the < body >, allowing the original elements to load on your site before your variation loads.
  • The snippet is placed in the < head >, causing an error when your web page loads.
  • The snippet contains too many elements, causing the page to flash.

Where in the product can you locate your snippet?

  • Audiences
  • Settings
  • Experiments

The Snippet should be placed as possible.

  • as low in the body
  • as high in the head tag
  • as low in the head tag
  • as high in the footer