Case Study: Verivox

Verivox is a German company that operates as a consumer portal for energy and also offers comparisons online for telecommunications, finance products, and insurance. Because their primary source of income is generated from commissions made when customers close a new contract, the company’s revenue stream is tied to the goal of getting as many new customers to their website as possible.

Because of this, Verivox is constantly experimenting. However, their experimentation team is very small. Often, Frank Herberg runs the entire experimentation show. He’s worked with Verivox since 2007 in front-end development, usability testing, and user experience. Since 2013, Frank’s primary focus is A/B testing and optimization.

Frank consults with project managers across the company to build their experimentation roadmap and strategies, but he’s also run a number of smaller experiments on his own. He can run projects like landing page experiments without having to know information about CSS or HTML using the visual editor and build, QA, run the experiment, and evaluate the results entirely on his own. For bigger projects, Frank collaborates with other areas, such as IT and even external service providers. Small or large, many of these experiments have had a positive impact on Verivox’s conversion goals.

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