Challenge: Creating Pages

Johanna is in charge of Internet marketing for Attic and Button. She has an ambitious plan to create an experiment on their main home page targeted to a variety of audiences with a total of sixteen different variations. Her developer, Ed, is concerned about the time and effort it will take to create and run so many variations, as well as how they’ll be able to prevent errors that could impact the functionality of the website and, potentially, hurt the bottom line by losing customers to a broken variation.

How should Johanna respond?

  • She can change her plans slightly to reduce risk by making fewer changes. Making subtle changes instead of big ones will make it less likely that there will be errors that will cause problems for the experiment.
  • She can reduce the number of variations and experiment with her ideas across multiple projects as she hones her approach based on the results from each iteration.
  • She can create several different experiments with fewer variations to ensure that if one impacts the functionality of the site then it can be turned off immediately.
  • She can reassure Ed that one way they will reduce risk and effort is by leveraging pages as a template across the experiment, making it easier to implement multiple variations at an extremely low risk.

Which Page Type will Johanna set for her experiment?

  • Single URL
  • A set of URLs
  • Global